2014 Cornhole For CURE was a great event

Well what an amazing event Cornhole for Cure was we had 37 competitors spread out between 4 different Divisional brackets. the competition was very good and fun . Hope every one had a great time i know we did and cant wait for next year already .
Here are the final standings of the day
Division 1 (Very Good)
1st -Frank Sanders(MI)
2nd-Monte Hartmon(IN)
3rd-Kyle Whalen (MI)
4th-Chris Day(IL)
Division 2(Good)
1st-Mark Nickelson(MI)
2nd-Ryan Morford(MI)
3rd-Jerome Nickelson(MI)
4th-David Vodvarka(MI)
Division 3(ok)
1st- Justine Kennedy(MI)
2nd-Ron Newberg(MI)
3rd-Ben Wenzel JR (MI)
4th-Ross Dirkse(MI)
Division 4 (Newbies)
1st-Shelly Dirkse (MI)
2nd-Dave Trojanowski(MI)
3rd-Jean Murry(MI)
4th-Christian Smeltzer(MI)
Grand championship finals w/prize they received
1st-Frank Sanders- Ten Point Wicked Ridge crossbow
2nd-Justine Kennedy- 32 inch phillips Smart tv
3rd-Shelly Dirkse- Kindle fire HD
4th-Mark NIckelson- Purple Nikon Coolpix Camera

Thank you to all that came to play and all the great volunteers that help run the tables we couldnt do it without your help.
what a way to end the cornhole season for us .

2014 Michigan State Cornhole Final Placements

Wow Saturday was fun and we crowned state champions in the mixed doubles Kandi Fugere and Eddie Smith take home the honors by beating Ryan Morford and Kelsey Morford for the title . In the Doubles division Frank Sanders and Kandi Fugere win it by coming from the losers bracket to beat Mark Nickelson and Dan Schrader . In the singles division Frank Sanders dominates Mark Nickelson for his third straight state championship. Thanks to everyone for competing can’t wait tell next year already hope to see you all at the 2014 cornhole for cure tournament which will be November 1st .

Ludington Jaycees Mini golf park ,Ludington ,MI
2014 Michigan State Doubles Tournament
1.Frank Sanders/Kandie Fugere (Ludington,MI)
2.Dan “Buzz” Schrader/Mark Nickelson(Ludington,MI)
3.De Fugere/Al Johnson (Muskegon,MI)
4.George Kauffman/Tim Hufnagle (Vandelia, MI)
5.Jerome Nickelson/Dylan Gilbert(Ludington,MI)
6.Ross Dirkse/David Vodvarka(Holland,MI)
7Kyle Stelter/Joe Stelter(Grand Rapids,MI)

2014Michigan State Singles Tournament
1.Frank Sanders(Ludington ,MI)
2.Mark Nickelson(Ludington,MI)
3.Al Johnson Muskegon,MI)
4.David Vodvarka (Ludington,MI)
5.Kandie Fugere(Ludington,MI)
6.Ross Dirkse(Holland,MI)
7.Jerome Nickelson(Ludington,MI)
8.De Fugere(Ludington,MI)

2014 Michigan State Mixed Doubles Tournament
1.Kandie Fugere/Eddie Smith (Ludington,MI)
2.Ryan Morford/Kelsey Morford(Holland,MI)
3.Tim Hufnagle/Tab Hufnagle (Vandelia,MI)
4.Frank Sanders/Janelle (Ludington,MI)
5.George Kauffman/Lisa Kauffman(Vandelia,MI)
6.Dennis Hutek/Rhonda Hutek(Roscommon,MI)
7.Josh Nicewander/Sky (Freesoil,MI)
8.Jerome Nickelson/Marnie Nickelson(Ludington,MI)
9.Michelle Dirkse/Ross Dirkse(Holland ,MI)
10.Jon Dickinson/Alicia(Freesoil,MI)

State Tournament Update

We have decided on a schedule for next Saturday at the Michigan State Cornhole Tournament! We will be playing the Mixed Doubles Tournament first, then the Doubles Tournament, then Singles. That means to play in the first tournament teams must be one player of each gender!

We hope this schedule allows more people to play in the tournaments they want! Just a week away!!

2014 updated rankings as of 6/29/2014

1 Frank Sanders 532.75
2 Jerome Nickelson 530
3 Dan “Buzz” Schrader 525
4 Mark Nickelson 471.25
5 Kevin Sanders 319
6 Josh Nicewander 317.25
7 Jon Dickinson 317.25
8 Dylan 220
9 Steve Chase 210
10 Kyle Stelter 185
11 Joe Stelter 185
12 Joey Yates 185
13 Matt yates 185
14 Dave Lindsley 155
15 Kelsey Morford 152.5
16 Zack Anderson 120
17 Bob Anderson 120
18 Ryan Morford 107.5
19 David Vodvarka 106.25
20 James Weber 105
21 Lester King 105
22 Ryan Argue 100
23 Larry Ward 100
24 Jess Stubbs 80
25 Jeremy Tyndall 73.75
26 Kandi Fugere 60
27 Devon Nelson 60
28 TJ Stork 60
29 Fletcher Chase 55
30 De Fugere 50
31 Matt Dempsey 43
32 Heather Dempsey 43
33 Jaden Nickelson 35
34 Richard Cole 25
35 Don Stedrowsky 25
36 Tom Spinner 18.75
37 Jeremy Murrey 18.75
38 Robin Williams 15
39 Dan Littlefield 15
40 Matt ? 10
41 Makeva Hardmon 10
42 Regina Gilles 10
43 Johnny Weaver 10
44 Jody Alward 10
45 Kevin 5
46 Aron 5
47 Heather 5
48 Lindsey 5
49 Jamie Morford 5
50 Pat Cooper 5
51 Eddie Smith 5
52 Don Bedker 5
53 Jeremy ? 5
54 Marnie Nickelson 5
55 Rocky Perez 5
56 Roger Perez 5
57 Angela Tanner 5
58 Ali Alward 5
59 Hunter Brenner 5
60 Bob Burgess 5
61 Jennifer Johnson 5
62 Glen Holt 5
63 Caleb Holt 5
64 Levi McKenzie 5
65 Marco McKenzie 5
66 Alex Cruz 5
67 Jake Ritsema 5
68 Mark Lamunion 5
69 Cezar Dura 5
70 Jeff McDuff 5
71 Dan Brenner 5
72 Barry Thompson 5
73 Justin Papes 5
74 William Grimmy 5
75 Mike Papes 5
76 Stephen Kniazacy 5
77 JR Nelson 5
78 Dillion Vanderrie 5
79 Stacy Kraatz 5
80 Brett Buchholz 5
81 Adam Helminiak 5
82 Dave Somers 5
83 Mindi Hansen 5
84 Eric Harris 5
85 Brent Benson 5
86 Matthew Stedman 5
87 Katie Wood 5
88 Mark Peterson 5
89 Duston Peterson 5
90 Rob Guenther 5
91 Preston Pike 5
92 Deena Altman 5
93 Todd Altman 5
94 0

what a weekend we had playing cornhole June 27,28,29 2014

well what a weekend of cornhole. 3 Tournaments in 3 days was great , weather was beautiful and we had a great turnout for all the tournaments . lets get started with Friday night at Irons , Champions Frank Sanders & Kevin Sanders 2nd place was James Weber & Lester King 3rd place was Jerome Nickelson & Mark Nickelson 4th place Fletcher Chase & Steve Chase 5th place was Matt Dempsey & Heather Dempsey 6th place Don Stedronsky & Jaden Nickelson . Then on to saturday with a very large turnout for the Irons Saturday Tournament coming out as champions was Kyle Stelter & Joe Stelter 2nd place Steve Chase & Dave Lindsey 3rd place Kevin Sanders & Frank Sanders 4th place Larry Ward & Ryan Argue 5th place Devon Nelson & TJ Stork 6th place James Weber & Lester King . then we returned to Ludington For the Ludrock Tournament on Sunday coming out on top as champions were Mark Nickelson & Dan”Buzz”Schrader 2nd place Josh Nicewander & Jon Dickinson( Great job Guys ) 3rd place Jerome Nickelson & Dylan 4th Joey Yates & Matt Yates 5th place Zack Anderson & Bob Anderson 6th Frank Sanders & Kevin Sanders. Great Job to everyone alot of cornhole was played and enjoyed by all next up is August 16th for the State tournament. keep checking back on facebook or the website Ludingtoncornhole.com for the updated info for the state tournament .hope you all can make it

BIG Weekend of cornhole coming up June 27th ,28th and the 29th

Remember coming up to a big weekend of cornhole and fun
On the 27th we will be in Irons for a Friday night tournament $10 a team entry fee with a trophy to top 3 teams registration starts at 5 we it games starting at 6 , then we are back in Irons on the 28th for a Saturday tournament $10 a team with trophy to the top 3 teams registration start at 3 with game play starting at 4. Then we finish off the weekend on the 29th at LUDROCK in ludington $10 a team with all money going to ludrock and the Champions going home with ludrock tee shirts and hats. Hope to see everyone out playing some cornhole this coming weekend .

Memorial weekend tournament was a great day

Memorial weekend tourney was a blast great weather and a great turnout of teams . in the doubles tournament we had a team from Holland win it , great job Ryan Morford & Kelsey Morford second place was Frank Sanders & Jeremy Tyndall third place was Jerome Nickelson & Jess Stubbs Fourth place was Mark Nickelson & David Vodvarka . we also had a singles tourney with Frank Sanders walking away as champion second place was Dan “Buzz” Schrader third place went to Kelsey Morford and fourth went to Jerome Nickelson . .